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Get To Know Me

Who I Am

My name is Andrea Granieri, and I am running for Forest Hills School Board in the special election for the unexpired term. As a mom, an accomplished professional, and a resident, my goal is to maintain and exceed the community’s expectations of our district. 

Years before we even had children, my husband and I chose to move to Anderson Township because of the excellent school district. Now, as 10-year Anderson Township residents, we are also Forest Hills parents. From our first interaction with the district at a Kindergarten information night, our expectations have been exceeded time and again. 

Children boarding a school bus.

I will always remember vividly the moment that my daughter boarded the Forest Hills school bus for the first time. At that moment, I felt my ability to protect slip away, and I had to surrender my trust to the school district. Trust that my daughter would arrive to school safely, find her classroom, develop friendships, eat lunch, play, and — of course — learn.

Our schools are so much bigger than education. They are the very foundation from which our children develop. They are the place where our future community members are nurtured. They are the most important investment the whole community makes into itself.

My Qualifications and Experience

My professional career has always been about building relationships. For 13 years, I have had the honor of working on behalf of various local nonprofit organizations, engaging donors and community members into the mission of each. 

Andrea Granieri leading a school tour.

Most recently, my career has brought me to the field of education. As the Community Resource Director at a nonprofit community school in the West End, I am part of the school leadership team, and my role is to identify and implement community partnerships that can help us support student success. From building a volunteer program from scratch, to establishing the school’s free food pantry, I am able to see solutions in the community, understand mutual benefits for both partners, and execute the details of getting the project completed. 

Along the way, I have come to understand many of the nuances unique to the field of education. Working alongside principals and other school administrators who have been in the education sector for ten, twenty, and more years, I have proven my ability to listen to their expertise, balance it alongside available resources, and determine where my particular skill set can make a difference. I have also proven what I have learned by the projects and initiatives that I have launched. 

Anderson Township and the Village of Newtown will have different success and challenges than the West End. But my focus on solutions, partnerships, and what is best for students will be the same.