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Professionally and personally, I am proud of my involvement in our community and the opportunities I have had to share to a larger audience.

Local News

WLWT5: Local school transforms old school bus into mobile library

“We took out all the seats. It looks nothing like a traditional school bus. There’s some colors inside. The book shelves are staggered. They look different and funky. There’s just lots to look at,” CCPA Community Resource Director Andrea Granieri said. … “It doesn’t look like a school bus inside, and so, their reactions are just really precious,” Granieri said.

WPCO9: These Cincinnati spring break ideas are sure to keep kids entertained

Andrea Granieri, a local mom of a 4- and 2-year-old, said she enjoys taking her kids to Juilf’s Park (8249 Clough Pike, Anderson). “There’s a nice variety of equipment for different ages, a cute farm theme and it has a fairly scenic, short walking path. It’s tucked back from the road, so I don’t worry as much with two young kids running in two different directions,” she said.

Local 12: Anderson High School chooses its new mascot

My feeling was that I would never let my children wear something that was considered a slur, and so, how could they attend a high school where that’s a slur and they and our family couldn’t be proud of that?

National News

AP News: Trump’s trouble in suburbs key to suddenly competitive Ohio

Andrea Granieri, 34, from the eastern Cincinnati suburb of Anderson Township, had been a lifelong Republican, until Trump. “I could not vote for Donald Trump. I just couldn’t do it,” Granieri said, noting the explanation she would owe her two children some day. “I could not endorse the way he talks to people and how he talks about people.”

New York Times: ‘Please Like Me,’ Trump Begged. For Many Women, It’s Way Too Late.

A Facebook post she wrote about her frustrations with the state’s Republican leadership captured local attention, becoming a piece of campaign mail for a candidate for the State Senate. I had so many regrets after 2016, because I took for granted that — I just thought Hillary would win,” Ms. Granieri said. “I’m determined not to have regrets on Nov. 4 this time.”